Coffee table

The living room is the most adaptable place in your home: drinking wine, playing games, having diner, looking at your best movies or being creative.

The coffee table has several compartments, each with a purpose. For games, for cups, for pens, for lost items, for the greatest use. Each part can be moved in the table and be put down somewhere else like a puzzle.


coffee table



There are so many lamps that it feels like a battelfield between them. 

When I met a blind man I realized that for him the well-known evening act is not to light up a room. However, the electricity is present. I took this as a starting point for a very unique design. 

This lamp has the presence and sound of electricity, with mini lightning flash. 

When you push the button the lighting wil appear.

Yet, this lamp is not for the blind man because it is dangerous to touch, though it's safe to light your cigarette.




Messure: 415 mm x 120 x 55    



On the lookout for materials and shapes,

I bumped into these various slatted base rubbers. After all these years, it is time for them to stop hiding under our bed.

I left the basics of what they give us with them: Carrying and re-loading. From this I designed a charger and a magazine holder.

Totum Charger